1989 saw The BPI Awards renamed to The Brits.  This was the 'cringeworthy' one with Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood presenting!!

Carol and Mike Rutherford presented best album, which went to 'Fairground Attraction".

Carol and Mike appear at 8 minutes 50.

The artists involved in the show singing "Falling In Love".  Carol's T'Powerful vocals can definitely be heard over a lot of the other singers.  Having Carol on the show was one of the only good things about the show!!  This footage was only uploaded in the last few years, and has been very rare to find!!

Only The Lonely

Only The Lonely was the third and final single to be taken from Rage.  It charted 25/03/1989 to 29/04/1989 and stayed in the charts for 6 weeks.  It peaked at number 28.  This single was heavily promoted by the band.  The version that was issued as a single was a different version of that from the UK's version of Rage.  The band had re-recorded four tracks to be included on the Canadian version of Rage, and this was that version, called the 'guitar remix'.  

Another great ballad from the band.  When "Rage" was released, it was my favourite song on the album.  I still love it.

Photos from "Only The Lonely" 7" Gatefold and 7" poster editions

The above photo's were all part of what made the limited edition 7" gatefold and 7" poster  editions.

An advert for 'Only The Lonely'.

I do remember when the video came out and people were saying "Carol Decker in jeans?  Where are the mini-skirts!!"  It was as though Carol had committed a crime!!  I think you can see some of the comments under the video on You Tube.  Here is a picture of Carol which was her 'image' to promote the song.  I think she looks great!!

Here is the video to it.

This was the single performed on The Hippodrome Show.

Another newspaper advert for the single.

Only The Lonely Full length Album version

Here is the full length Album version of "Only The Lonely".  It's not the 'Guitar Remix' that was released as the single.  Instead of the guitar solo at the end, it is more subtle with a keyboard solo.  It is still a great version and the lyrics at the beginning haven't been chopped, so you have more of an understanding of what the song is about.

The image for the video I have used is the 'Rage Across Europe' tour badge which was included in the "Road To Our Dream" limited edition 7" Single.

I have just realised that none of the three releases from "Rage" had Cassingles, (Cassette Singles) unlike "Bridge Of Spies" and "The Promise" releases.  But the "Rage" releases did have a lot of limited edition releases including :

7" gatefold sleeves
7" with tour patch
12" poster editions
7" Box set with tour banner

I know bands can only have a certain number of releases for the same song.  If they have too many, then they can sometimes not be counted towards valid sales.

Here is the link to download the album version of "Only The Lonely", as you can't get the single version as a download.

Only The Lonely - Rage

Rage Across Europe Tour Badge

Only The Lonely Nightmare Mix

How could I leave Only The Lonely without including the extended 'Nightmare Mix!!'
So here you are.  Best listened to 'very loud!!'  I would say that this version is a cross between the album version and the guitar remix.  Where the single version has the 'guitar influence' towards the end, this version has the album's keyboard instead.

A magazine picture of Carol and Ron around the time of 'Only The Lonely'.

If i recall rightly, they were reviewing the weeks single releases.

I couldn't finish with "Rage" without including the following song.  On all of the 4 T'pau studio albums, you can guarantee there will be a 'big ballad', amongst the other great ballads, with such powerful and meaningful lyrics and the sheer power of Carol's vocals that blow you away.
You can find yourselves 'drifting off' with the narrative of the lyrics.


Heaven - Rage

A set of postcards released in 1989.

From the photo-shoot of "Valentine"

"Rage" promotion

"Rage" promotion

Taken around the time of "Sex Talk" video

A 1988 photo of Carol. A firm favourite of fans.
Taking Time Out

The above was at the 'Princes Trust Rock Gala' at the London Palladium in 1989.  Carol mentions this performance in 'The Story Behind The Tracks' mentioned later.  Myself and a lot of fans love this performance.  Great vocals too.

Taking Time Out - Rage

The above link is to purchase the album version of the song from 'Rage'.

Canadian Rage release

1989 saw the release of Rage in Canada.  It was different to our version as four of the tracks had been re-mixed.  :

Arms Of Love
Only The Lonely
Running Away

The track listing was exactly the same.  The only omission was 'This Girl'.

You have already heard the 'Only The Lonely' remix, as that was the guitar remix released as a single in the United Kingdom.

I have been after this album since 1989 (23 years!!), but it is 'so rare', I have had no luck.  I desperately wanted it for this project, so the other week I went on ebay (world), and guess what I saw for $4.99!!  I couldn't believe it!!

I have been told that the Canadian CD's that weren't sold in Canada were all put into a skip and destroyed!!  Surely the record company could have sold them over here as part of a 'deluxe' version, or even just included the 'remixes' on our version?

I can tell you one thing, I would say this album is the rarest 'T'Pau' item there is!!

Arms Of Love Mix

Arms Of Love - Rage

The above link is to the UK version of the song.

Running Away Mix

Running Away - Rage

The above link is to the UK version of the song.

Island Mix 

Island - Rage

The above link is to the UK version of the song.

As mentioned previously, I think the record company should have included the mixes on a 'deluxe' version of the album over here.  I also think that 'Island' would have made a great single.  I remember ringing the 'Fanclub' telephone number back in 1989, which was normally one of the band members talking, (a pre-recorded message) with the latest news etc.., and there was actually talk of the 'Canadian Remix' being released as a single.  To me, this song was so like 'Heart and Soul', with the over-lapping vocals, and the beat.  But it wasn't to be.

T'Pau were to take 'time out' now.  Basically, they had run out of material!! They had plenty of songs whilst touring with Bridge Of Spies, which is why 'Rage' was released head off the heals of Bridge Of Spies, but they needed new material.  Also they had toured five times, which is why the tour during Bridge Of Spies was called the 5th tour.

The band didn't want to let the fans down by rushing something out which was not to the high standard the band was used to producing and the fans were used to hearing.

They had full backing from their record label 'Siren' as they didn't want anything less than what they knew T'Pau's capabilities were.  So no 'rush' job.

Artwork by Deano Hollett July 2012

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