A Treat '87

Queen Elizabeth Foundation Concert Oct. 1987

Here is a treat for you all folks.  The above concert was recorded at The Royal Albert Hall in October of 1987 and was released on video end of 1987/beginning of 1988, but the video only included three songs by the band.  Here are all seven that were sung.

Sex Talk

Download Album version

Sex Talk - Bridge of Spies

On The Wing

Bridge Of Spies

Download Album version

Bridge of Spies - Bridge of Spies

China In Your Hand

Download full Album version

China in Your Hand - Bridge of Spies

Download Single version

China In Your Hand (Single Version) - T'Pau - Hits

Heart And Soul

Download Album version

Heart and Soul - Bridge of Spies

Taking Time out

Download Album version

Taking Time Out - Rage

You Give Up

Download Album version

You Give Up - Bridge of Spies

I have only just found all seven of these tracks.  They won't have been seen by many of the fans as they weren't all released on the video.  I believe the whole concert was released on lazer disk, something that never really took off.

I like it when Carol introduces "China".  It had just been released and she says "We're at a very nervous time now.  This is the new single!"

Other acts included in the concert were Sinitta and Rick Astley, to name a few.

Carol at the concert

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